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Default Re: California Boxing

Paco Flores

Paco Flores v Vicente Medina

Community Center, Tucson, Arizona

referee: Joe Vozdik 98-97 | judge: Joe Miller 97-96 | judge: Robert Ferrara 97-97

In 1973I was in Tucson Az. for Mando Muniz’s fight against Manny Gonzalez. With Jake Horn and Louie Jauregui and others we took some amateurs to fill out the card. Vicente Medina came in from Mexico by himself and he needed a corner, I was asked if I would be chief second for him, I of course said yes. Paco Flores was the promoter’s brother and Medina was just supposed to be a an “opponent” At the start of the fight Medina is fighting Flores all wrong, following him in a straight line, throwing one punch at a time. After a couple of rounds I told him to what he was doing wrong, told him he needed to cut the ring on Flores and to put punches together. Medina was a good listener, he did as he was told and he started to win the fight. Now Flores people started to worry because about the middle of the fight a guy who I later found out was from the Az. Boxing commission came to talk to me and asked me “who are you?” I responded “I am Frank Baltazar” “well Frank do you have a license to work corners?”, “yes” I replied, “can I see it?” he asked, I handed him my license “but this is a California license” “of course, I am from California” I said as I played the dummy, “after the fight come to the commission table and get an Az. License”, “okay I will” I replied.

As the fight continued I could see that Medina was pulling ahead, but he lost a split decision. But if you are fighting the promoter’s brother a split decision means you won.

The fight been over I go to the commission’s table. I was drag over the coals for working an Arizona fight without an Arizona license, again I played the dummy, told them that I thought my California license was good enough. No sir! I was told. “You have $100?” I was asked, I replied that I did “good, let me have it” the commish told me as he handed me a license and taking my money at the same time.
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