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Default Re: California Boxing

Tony Baltazar vs John Montes

A cross town rivalry between Tony Baltazar and John Montes had been building up in the late '70's. Both had being getting some good amateur wins, so it was just a matter of time that they fought. On our part we were ready to fight Montes at any time.

John Montes came into the junior boxing program scene in the early '70's, whereas Tony started in '64 and by the mid- '70's (1976) had already won a National Junior Olympic title. We felt that Tony was too experience for John at that point.

At the time they fought, Felix Villareal, was the amateur matchmaker at the Olympic Auditorium. Felix called me on a Monday and said that the Montes's wanted to fight Tony on Thursday night, I said okay. Felix then said that it had to be at '32, again I said okay, Tony can make '32 if thatís what they want I told Felix. Thursday morning, Tony and Frankie and I went to the weight-in. Frankie was with us because he was fighting the main-event against Shig Fukuyama that night. Both Frankie and Tony made weight easy.

That night before the fights started I run into my Uncle Florentino, my dad's brother, at the Olympic. He was with a group of Monteís fans. He told me that Tony better win as he was betting every one of his friends that were backing Montes. Tony ended the fight with a beautiful left hook in under-30 seconds of the first round. Frankie, in a great fight and a good win for him stopped Fukuyama in the fourth round.
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