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Default Re: Legendary Venues in British Boxing History - Part 1

Originally Posted by Claypole View Post
Good, We didn't really want to see that one hanging round our necks for ever more. What was the outcome?
*clears throat*

"Stopped off for a takeaway on the way to an important event down at the O2 a while ago. That ended in a bit of a 'mare, but there can be no pointing of fingers at Micky or his fare. It was so good I made a return visit!

Only slight disappointment was my can of Tizer was a bit warmer than I'd like, but frankly it was a bit of a (good) surprise that the aforementioned beverage was available, it is becoming hard to find at take-aways nowadays.

My little mate Gavin reckons the Saveloys are top notch too. "
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