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Default Re: Enzo vs Johnny Nelson

Originally Posted by Sly
And what is Enzo now? Oh yeah, the 'new Lennox Lewis'. Haha. Enzo has a wild left hook and **** all else. He's a chinny puncher who can't fight going backwards. Nothing's changed.

David Haye exposed him.
I said his style was simular to Lewis the way he boed Braithwaite.

Haye didn't expose anything, Enzo was always supposed to be thought of as chinny. He didn't get knocked down by any super middles like haye did though so If were talking about chins then we shouldn't forget Haye's.

Enzo took his single shots well though, It took a flurry from Haye for Enzo to be wobbly like he was so his chins not too bad.
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