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Default Re: The limits of bodyweight training?

Originally Posted by Jdsm View Post
Lets say for example somebody has a 2:1:1 ratio of hypertrophy, power and strength work with the goal of skeletal hypertrophy, the speed work will have a direct benefit on their strength, which in turn is going to allow you to further overload the muscles on your hypertrophy training days, since you are able to move more weight. Some people may just do hypertrophy and strength days, which is good, but adding in some explosive movements with sub-maximal weight is going to benefit your strength training.

Similarly, Dr Zourdos in that video talks about how hypertrophy work is going to benefit a powerlifter, as your going to increase cross sectional muscle area, however the ratios of training will differ, for example 2:1:1 in favour of strength training.

Those are just brief examples though, my knowledge on the subject is way, way inferior to somebody like Dr Zourdos on the subject, but I've always aimed to undulate my weight training either daily or weekly.
Ok thanks mate read through properly now... How would sub maximal explosive work make any difference to ur strength?

Not being pedantic I just don't get it- if I do a sub maximal explosive exercise then how is it going to allow me to lift any heavier? If I don't lift heavier then hypertrophy is not going to be achieved surely...
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