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Default Re: The limits of bodyweight training?

Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
Ok thanks mate read through properly now... How would sub maximal explosive work make any difference to ur strength?

Not being pedantic I just don't get it- if I do a sub maximal explosive exercise then how is it going to allow me to lift any heavier? If I don't lift heavier then hypertrophy is not going to be achieved surely...
Because using sub-maximal weight can still allow you to apply the same amount of force that you would be applying to a heavier weight. So doing speedwork with say 65% of your 1RM, you can still apply the same amount of force to that weight that you could to a much heavier weight by focusing on a very explosive concentric. Obviously you aren't going to see massive strength gains with only speed work, but speed work is going to improve your strength gains in the presence of strength training too.

So with heavier training and sub-max speed work, you'll see it translates into better strength gains. Then with increased strength gains, it's going to allow for more overload on your hypertrophy days. If you were doing purely the typical hypertrophy rep range 8-12, then strength progression is going to be much slower; the incorporation of strength specific workouts, with additional speed work allows for more progression on hypertrophy days. Hope that makes more sense mate
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