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Default Re: The Official Bangkok Fight Card Thread

Thanks for the update & tracking down the clips Yaca.

I really do like the whole Thai Fight concept & promotion, I always enjoy watching it. The way it looks, the Wai to the king, all the Carabao music, the fighters, the fact it’s Thai all make for a great package. It’s good for the promotion that the Thai’s didn’t dominate as usual, it opens it up a bit.

The first clip was an ugly mismatch with an almost predictable result, you just knew as the Frenchie kept charging forward he was either gonna get a TKO form the knee or elbow, although that’s the first time I think I’ve seen that kind of Islamic Wai Kru form Llodra. Well done to the Southerner form Songkhala, Armin!

I thought Bennoui deserved his upset win over Singmanee he worked harder and was braver. Singmanee looked a little like he was just going through the motions, a bit bored, maybe he hadn’t trained too much and was tired or maybe he’s starting to feel all those past wars in the stadiums. He was simple outworked by a much inferior fighter, shouldn’t happen to a Thai.

The Siayok - Pinca fight was entertaining, but the always game Pinca did look a little average and tired in there with Saiyok basically winning on superior technique and good aggressive countering, Saiyok looked much more up for it but didn’t particularly look in shape. Well done Saiyok.

I really liked the look of Super X until the super clumsy and skilless Mabel lost his discipline and everything went pear shaped……..The ****hole should have been warned for that last barrage of rabbit elbows and then DQed for that reverse elbow after the bell.

Aikpracha……WTF……..Yaca your killing me with that clip……the elbows start flying…….the low kicks start sinking in……….cut…..feed dead.......cut to a rather embarassed looking Samart! Looked like it was gonna be one helluva a dust up. Seemed like Aekpracha was caught cold by the quick start of only 3 rounds but seemed well up for it and ready to adjust his tempo. Good win on paper for Aikpracha though. HE IS THE NEW BUAKAW, no doubt to my mind. He is the next Thai that is “natural” at the weight with the skills, menace and might to demolition everything in his sight in and around 70 kg & I think you’re right as you mentioned some months ago he beats Buakaw, although Buakaw is past his prime and Aekprach is in his I’d still love to see that fight.

If I had one very small criticism of Thai Fight the promotion, it’s the mixed quality of the Thais and that the only two fighters that seem “natural” at the weight are Buakaw and Aikpracha and hence are as fit & strong as they should be. They both also ooze seriousness. Aekpracha has this undertone of menacing demolition and Buakaw just wants to impress so much he comes to break guys.**** Most of the other guys, Singmanee, Saiyok etc. they all seem like naturally smaller guys blown up to fight the “unskilled farang”. They still tend to win most of the time through skills and experience sure, but I hate the way they tend to “play” a little and throw stuff they’d never even think about throwing back home in the Stadiums, it all seems a little bit of R&R for guys like Singmanee and Saiyok. Silly complaint I know, but hey. Anyway, enjoyed it & want more. I really need to track down that Aekpracha fight………

I swear Samart’s voice gets deeper and croakier everytime I hear him, must be all that Sang Som Thai whisky. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing bull frogs leaping around in the background!
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