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Default Re: Everyone saying we should boycott Pac-Marquez IV is right!

Originally Posted by The Wanderer View Post
Why should any boxing fan choose to watch a fight between two top 10 p4p fighters engaging in a rematch shortly after a controversial decision? Especially if they're already had two earlier fights that were great bouts?!

That this fight is being made at all is a bad day for boxing! We, as boxing fans, need to show our disapproval at top 10 fighters being matched against each other, and that we are not interested in seeing rematches to fights that end in a controversial decision. Obviously, this goes double if a challenger appears to beat a reigning champion but loses by decision.

I hope everyone will come together as boxing fans and send a clear message that we are uninterested in fights between top fighters, preferring instead an endless stream of fights where a champion fights fringe contenders and gatekeepers, that we universally and unquestioningly accept the cards of judges and see no need for a fight that might overturn the decision of judges from a previous bout.

Boycott this card! Who needs the possibility for justice anyway?

(Yes, for anyone who hasn't gotten it yet, this is a parody thread. Yes, I am prepared for a bunch of people to take me seriously, and yes, I do think Marquez deserves a chance to have history recognize him, as it probably should have after the 3rd fight.)

Edit: Oh, and I'll understand if anyone isn't buying because the undercard sucks, or because they (like me) haven't been buying any Pac or Floyd cards since after Pac-Cotto because the two should have fought each other.

And shame on Pacquiao for fighting the person who, as well as being the much tougher foe, actually beat him last time..... Over the inferior fighter who he's already soundly beaten.
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