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Default Re: Cotto vs Trout Press Conference, Info, ****ysis and Updates!

Originally Posted by avenel View Post
Cool man! Yeah, its pretty sick in there. I love the view. I personally have not been at El Morro in about 3 years or so. Heck! I have not been to PR in about 3 years or so! lol!

I'm planning to spend the holidays there, should be a blast! Trying to see how I could work it out so I could fly to NYC and watch the fight live, go back to work, and back to PR.....(I'm currently working in Bahrain).

Cant wait to get back to the Texas! I miss the US of A!!!!

thats watsup man i was there 3 times this year and going back in november (gf copped us tickets for our little 4 year anniversary) i have family all over but mainly stay in ponce and yauco, el castillo is beautiful the view is incredible. i was taking pictures on my iphone of la perla when a guy came up to me and told me to put my phone away or they will break it! la perla is no joke lol
Oh yeah? I'm from Ponce! Cool!

Just like any other place....just got to watch out where you in the island!
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