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Default Re: MMA Vs Boxing in 2012

Originally Posted by Clydebank Blitz View Post
Boxing has not put on a classic any time receintly.
Did you see Salido vs Lopez 2?

Exactly how was that not a classic? Was two top fighters in their division facing off, was a completely awesome fight, had one guy going down, coming back to finish the fight with a KO in a special finish.

I question how any boxing fan could watch that and not think thats a classic.

Thats the thing, I see these articles on boxing in mainstream newsoutlets, I see 'boxing fans' if you want to call them that, and mma fans talking, and always I hear 'boxing hasnt had a good fight in a long time, boxing has no more exciting fighters left, the one fight that everyone wants to see isnt happening'

Most of that is pure bull****, and the only one that has any merit is Pac vs Mayweather, but boxing is more then any two fighters. Nor should boxing live in the shadow of one fight with any real boxing fans.

These same people, fans, and news sites that are complaining about lack of good matchups, yet I didnt see these news sites covering the super six, I dont see the fans talking about how no good matchups get made pumping energy into fights like Salido vs Garcia, or Khan vs Garcia, ect.

Its the same old story, people that dont really know boxing trying to talk as if they do n ****ting on it.

Now, Im not saying you in particular, but when you say boxing hasnt had a classic in awhile, thats a slap in the face to all the fighters who have put on FOTY type fights this year on a high level of execution.

Not to mention the good fights coming down the pipe that all boxing fans should be excited for. (Rios vs Alvarado, Salido vs Garcia, Donaire vs Nishioka)

Originally Posted by Clydebank Blitz View Post
I'll still love boxing for the rest of my life, but I think if we can't just do what needs to be done in boxing, then MMA and specifically UFC will rise above over the next year.
I dont see it. Seems to me MMA has leveled off a bit after a very fast rise.... and if anything has helped push boxing to newer heights finally making entities improve certain things and do some moves that needed to be done. Still so much more to clean up though and move forward with.

But anyways, I dont see mma widening the gap too much more over the next two years by all that much.
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