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Default Re: K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16

I like it. The big names of the past have reached the age of 40 or are well past it and need to be replaced. Aerts, Le Banner, Sefo and even Schilt is close to 40.

So it's up to the youngsters now and there are plenty of them on this card.

Catinas is a strog Romanian fighters who has been training at Chakuriki and he has improved a lot under the eye of Harinck. Harinck stated that he punches harder then any fighters he had in the past ( including Le Banner ... ). He'll be facing the good boxing, fast and heavy handed Smokin' Edwards though which is not a good matchup for him. We'll see how he deals with Edwards.

Londt is a very talented young fighter who throws everything with full power and bad intentions. He's another great talent, but he too is matched with a very difficult to fight ( moves well, is tall and a long reach ) Indian fighter in Jaideep who already has a win.
over Kharitonov.

Lascenko is on a roll and has been training at Mike's Gym. He captured the Local Combat title. Very determined and skilled fighter with an incredible fightheart. He's be matched with the tall Gerges from Chakuriki, who is well known in the meantime.

Miller is a good American fighter and he'll have to beat a young Obotorov who recently fought a draw with Le Banner.

Vigney will have to get past the skilled and experienced Samedov, which will be a hard task for him.

Blake vs Crocop will be interesting as well. Blake moves very well and Crocop still brings plenty of power to the kickboxing ring. Kickboxing suits him way better then mma.

Morosanu is very hungry and has been improving over that last couple of years which translated into some nice victories. Now he will face a real test in Slowinski who is a ity high level and complete kickboxer. Great fight as well.

I don't have to tell you I'm realy looking foward to this to see which prospect goes through and which one will drop. Very interested how the Americans will do as well!
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