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Default Re: Dana going off on one!!! LOL

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
You tune in to what? Primetime live MMA on the Fox network? PPV cards that are easy to buy at home, or are showing at sports bars all over the city? If not for what Dana and Zuffa have done, you're basically not watching MMA at all. If you are, it's tiny shows with zero media coverage or relevance in the sporting world. Or it's imported shows from overseas a couple of times per year.
Irrelevant. Nobody tunes in to see Dana White when they pay for an MMA PPV or watch it on TV. Nobody, except maybe you.

You're *****ing because he wants to make money?
Quite the opposite, he can make as much money as he pleases and i encourage him to do so. Just don't be upset when someone else who is also a business man with their interests negotiate from that position.

He can't make ****loads of money while trying to grow the sport for the long-term?
Yes he can.

I'm not a fan of EVERYTHING that Zuffa has done.

But I respect that MMA in the West was totally irrelevant and effectively extinct when Zuffa came along. Now, it's in the mainstream. Fight cards are advertised during NFL games. The SPORT has crossed over now, and created opportunities for MMA fighters and promotors all over the world. That is becuase of Zuffa and the UFC.
Super. Doesn't change the fact that Jon Jones, nor any MMA fighter, owes one bit of reverence to Dana White nor should take a haircut for the UFC in demanding every penny the market declares they are worth. Do you think for one second Dana White would deal with the 'evil' of Jones and Jackson if he thought he wasn't making money on the arrangement? He's just upset that he isn't making even more.

Wind the clock back a mere 10 years. Look at the state of MMA. Totally irrelevant. Nobody gave a ****. UFC40 featured Ken vs Tito, plus a Liddell fight AND Matt Hughes defending his title. It was the biggest and most successful MMA event ever held on American soil up to that point, by FAR. And it sold as many PPVs as Wanderlei vs Franklin, the weakest card in years.
Once again, irrelevant.

You call yourself a Western MMA fan, but you **** all over Dana and Zuffa and have nothing positive to say about what they have done for the sport? Time to grow up, eh?
No, I don't participate in hero worship like you. He's a business man and made a business decision. He gets as much praise from me as any other successful business person. He saw a opportunity to make money and he capitalized.

He sure as hell tries to give the fans the fights they want to see.
No, he gives what he thinks will make him money. If another promotion was to rocket up the relevancy ladder with a young Light heavyweight champion who's blasting guys out like Jon Jones, do you think he would entertain a Co-Promotion to make that fight even if its what the fans wanted? No he wouldn't because it would not make him as much money on a deal that he desired.

And yeah, Jones vs Hendo was a weak card. But it's worth remembering that Ellenberger-Koscheck was supposed to be the main undercard fight, which is not a bad supporting fight. Dana can't help it if guys get injured, and it'll happen more often with Zuffa. Because, unlike every other MMA org ever, they cover medical costs for their fighters. And maybe something could have been done with the main event, if Hendo hadn't been so secretive about his injury until the last possible second.
That's great that they cover medical expenses. Doesn't change one thing about the issue of the canceled card. Dana White wanted Jon Jones to take a haircut to carry his **** poor fight card and he wanted him to get essentially jumped by having to fight Sonnen who knew well before Jones did that Hendo was not going to fight and was training.

Sure, that sounds great.

Instead of spending big money on international flights and hotels for dozens of people so that they can host an event in Sweden or Sydney and give a new audience the chance to see and feel involved in big-time MMA,
If Dana wants to grow the UFC in that manner. More power to him. But make it worth Jon Jones' business instead of expecting charity via taking a financial haircut on what he should be earning.

let's give Jon Jones $25 million to have him fight in Vegas once a year.
If he's expected to do the most work by carrying entire cards by himself, then he deserves to make the most money.

Let's turn all the champions into spoiled multi-multi-millionaires who pick and choose their fights and do whatever they want, like it is in boxing.
Yes spoiled because for taking punches and kicks to the head, they want to make as much money as possible for trading brain cells for cash. Finances dictates who faces who in the UFC, just like in boxing.

Let's make sure that EVERY employee of the UFC earns $150k plus. Let's pay the totally interchangeable journeymen undercard guys $50k for a fight.
Now you are talking to yourself I don't give a **** about if someone earns a $5K per fight minimum or $5M. They, the fighters, should be businessmen and earn as much per fight as the market dictates just like the UFC tries to make off of them. If Anderson Silva is worth $10M a fight, he should earn $10M a fight.

Instead of investing in new markets and spending money trying to grow the sport internationally, let's stay at home in Vegas for every event. More money to give the fighters that way, you see.
No. There are plenty of boxers that fight in Europe because they can earn more there, same in Australia, I would imagine. If Dana White really cares about growing the brand why should Jon Jones take a haircut on the issue? Why can't Dana, he and the Mafia bros own the company and therefore have the most to gain 10, 20, and 30 years down the road, none of the fighters around today have any benefit of those gains coming to fruition and therefore should not consider taking the haircut. If Dana White wants him to take haircuts for the long term growth of the UFC make him party to the long term growth by making him a co-owner of the UFC/Zuffa.

How much should Jon Jones be earning?
As much as he possibly can.
He's a 25 year old multi-millionaire who competes in a sport that essentially didn't exist ten years ago.
No it existed and was doing okay in Japan, not as well as now but he would have had a market to go to if he so chose.

And two years ago, nobody knew who the **** Jon Jones was.
So. Its now, not 2 years ago.

Now, because of the UFC,
So it was Dana white that hopped in the ring and broke Brandon Vera's face, turned Matyushenko's head into a basketball, dominated Bader, and then ran over the top 5 fighters in the division like they were tissue paper. All Dana White's doing right? no Jones got to where he was because of Jones. The UFC allowed him to perform because they saw talent and realized it would be good for their financial well being to have young blood in the sport. He's delivered on his end of the bargain. If he wasn't what the UFC wanted he would have been cut or he would be fodder for another up and comer like Vera is.

he's a multi-millionaire who has an international endorsement deal with Nike. Just like Federer and Tiger. That's not enough? He needs more or Zuffa is somehow ripping him off?
So rich people can't get ripped off? No it isn't enough. Jones is in the business of getting hit in the head, if he thinks he can earn a nickel more for his services he should get that nickel if the market agrees. And judging by the fact Dana didn't cut him, is the case that Zuffa is blowing a lot of smoke.

Who owes more to the other - Jon Jones or the UFC? Who needed who more? Dana can and did make money without Jon Jones. How rich is Jon Jones, without Zuffa to put him in front of the people?
Neither one owes the other anything other than what the maximum they can get out of each other. If Jon Jones doesn't sell do you think for one second the UFC would give a **** about cutting him? He could be the nicest guy in the world and suck up to Dana from now to the day he dies and Dana White would cut him if he didn't make the UFC money and Jon Jones should be willing to leave the UFC by some mismanagement they stop being lucrative venture.

Forgive me if I don't feel too sorry for Jon Jones when he moans about how hard-done by he is.

Don't really care if you do.
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