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Default Re: How to you endure a strangulation choke hold ?

Originally Posted by SouthpawSlayer View Post
out of interest how long does a choke need to be applied after the person loses consciousness to lead to death / no killer

It depends how tight the choke is on and the person being choked, you can lose consciousness in a few seconds if the choke is on tight. And regain conciousness in as little as 5 seconds, from my exspearience.

I think the choke has to be on for some time for brain cells to start dieing, maybe a min is what I heard. And the choke has to be held on for a couple min for a person to actually die, I think that is what I heard.

I was choked out to unconsciousnes a half dozen times and after being choked out you feel like you maybe had a little nap and it does not really effect you at all afterwards and I just continued the ground work training.
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