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Default Re: Muhammad Ali Speedbag

Originally Posted by motownsiu View Post
i think people are not giving enough credit to his sense of rhythm. speedbag is not just about handspped, it's also about rhythm.
True. The technique of hitting the speed bag has seemed to change over the year just from watching clips of the old timers. Personally I think the speedbag is great at developing speed if you use it like the old timers by extending your punches more than is normally done nowadays. That rhythm is the gauge of your speed. I like to incorporate other movements such as slipping then hitting to work on overall speed. The faster that rhythm is going the faster my movements are. Could be used for developing overall all speed for other sport as well as long as you can proficiently hit the bag. Make any sense? Also, I had a trainer as a kid who wouldn't let me hit it with the side of my fist for whatever reason.
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