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Default Re: Dana going off on one!!! LOL

Originally Posted by Atlanta2 View Post
Irrelevant. Nobody tunes in to see Dana White when they pay for an MMA PPV or watch it on TV. Nobody, except maybe you.
The product was there before Jon Jones. He didn't build it and it'll be there after he's gone. Jon Jones makes his money off the UFC, not the other way around. The brand is more important than the individual fighter. That's part of boxing's problem - the individual PPV star fighter holds ALL the cards, and the sport is strangled because of it.

Originally Posted by Atlanta2 View Post
Super. Doesn't change the fact that Jon Jones, nor any MMA fighter, owes one bit of reverence to Dana White nor should take a haircut for the UFC in demanding every penny the market declares they are worth. Do you think for one second Dana White would deal with the 'evil' of Jones and Jackson if he thought he wasn't making money on the arrangement? He's just upset that he isn't making even more.
Sure, Jones has nothing to respect or appreciate Dana White for. He owes Dana nothing. It's not like the guy essentially built the sport that Jon Jones has made millions off. I'm sure that without Dana, Jones would still be a multi-millionaire professional fighter with a Nike deal. Dana was such a minor, irrelevant figure in Jones' rise to riches and s****om.

Originally Posted by Atlanta2 View Post
No, I don't participate in hero worship like you. He's a business man and made a business decision. He gets as much praise from me as any other successful business person. He saw a opportunity to make money and he capitalized.
Dana has certainly made serious missteps, and not just one or two of them. But his approach has been WILDLY successful, to the extent that objectively, he might be the most successful combat sports promotor in history. Yet all you ever hear from the "experts" on this forum is how stupid and evil and destructive he is, and how he's running the sport into the ground, and how he needs to change everything that's gotten the UFC to this point.

Originally Posted by Atlanta2 View Post
No, he gives what he thinks will make him money. If another promotion was to rocket up the relevancy ladder with a young Light heavyweight champion who's blasting guys out like Jon Jones, do you think he would entertain a Co-Promotion to make that fight even if its what the fans wanted? No he wouldn't because it would not make him as much money on a deal that he desired.
He'll try to get the new guy into the UFC, so he can fight all Dana's guys.

You prefer constant co-promotion negotiations for one-off fights?

So we can get even more Pac-Floyd situations, or have Fedor not fight in the biggest tent because M1 won't let him?

You can **** on Dana for not wanting to co-promote with regional companies looking to cash out on one guy. I'd rather all the best guys be dealing with the same matchmaker and fighting each other on the regular.

Originally Posted by Atlanta2 View Post
That's great that they cover medical expenses. Doesn't change one thing about the issue of the canceled card. Dana White wanted Jon Jones to take a haircut to carry his **** poor fight card and he wanted him to get essentially jumped by having to fight Sonnen who knew well before Jones did that Hendo was not going to fight and was training.
The card was weak, but also was hit by bad luck. Any card is gutted if its top two fights fall through.

I don't think that Jones NEEDED to fight, and if I were him then I wouldn't give in either. I think it was a ****ty, low-class move by Hendo to keep his injury secret from his bosses and try to manipulate his training partner into an undeserved title-shot ambush.

Originally Posted by Atlanta2 View Post
If Dana wants to grow the UFC in that manner. More power to him. But make it worth Jon Jones' business instead of expecting charity via taking a financial haircut on what he should be earning.
How the **** do you know what he "should" be earning?

Do you know what it costs to run the events, provide the medical coverage, pay everyone's wages and travel costs, and all the rest of it? No.

Do you know how much Jones pockets for his troubles? No.

So how can you take it as a FACT that Jon Jones is getting underpaid?

Originally Posted by Atlanta2 View Post
If he's expected to do the most work by carrying entire cards by himself, then he deserves to make the most money.
Is he really doing the most work?

Is he putting in the most hours, or dealing with the most problems?

And remember, Jones wasn't "singlehandedly" carrying the card. They had a main event that everyone had been looking forward to for months, plus a solid Ellenberger-Koscheck main undercard fight. After the two main fights fell through with less than 3 weeks remaining, yeah Jones is left holding the bag. That's bad luck. In the PRIDE days, he would have fought regardless. In the UFC, he has the financial freedom to make his own decision according to what he feels is right for him.

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