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Default Re: Dana going off on one!!! LOL

Originally Posted by Atlanta2 View Post
Yes spoiled because for taking punches and kicks to the head, they want to make as much money as possible for trading brain cells for cash. Finances dictates who faces who in the UFC, just like in boxing.
These guys were getting punched and kicked for free, just for the challenge and love of it, for many years before anybody paid them a dollar for it. All of them were. They WANT to get kicked in the head, it's not a torture or a punishment for them. They want to be there because they love to fight. They love the competition and they love the attention. Other men have other dangerous hobbies that nobody pays them to risk their health doing. Quit trying to make it sound like being a pro fighter is a noble, selfless calling.

Originally Posted by Atlanta2 View Post
Now you are talking to yourself I don't give a **** about if someone earns a $5K per fight minimum or $5M. They, the fighters, should be businessmen and earn as much per fight as the market dictates just like the UFC tries to make off of them. If Anderson Silva is worth $10M a fight, he should earn $10M a fight.
So the fighters should gobble up ALL the money on the table?

What about money for growing the sport? Developing new markets? Putting on shows in different continents? Advertising the product?

When the UFC spends money to make "TUF Australia vs England", would it have been better if the money they spent on that series had flown into the pockets of half-a-dozen PPV headliners, like it would in boxing? Because the bigger the % that goes into the fighter's products, the fewer options the UFC has for growing the sport.

Originally Posted by Atlanta2 View Post
No. There are plenty of boxers that fight in Europe because they can earn more there, same in Australia, I would imagine. If Dana White really cares about growing the brand why should Jon Jones take a haircut on the issue? Why can't Dana, he and the Mafia bros own the company and therefore have the most to gain 10, 20, and 30 years down the road, none of the fighters around today have any benefit of those gains coming to fruition and therefore should not consider taking the haircut. If Dana White wants him to take haircuts for the long term growth of the UFC make him party to the long term growth by making him a co-owner of the UFC/Zuffa.

Now every PPV headliner has to own a piece of the UFC before you're happy?

Just like how Tom Brady is a co-owner of the Patriots, right?

Originally Posted by Atlanta2 View Post
As much as he possibly can.
No it existed and was doing okay in Japan, not as well as now but he would have had a market to go to if he so chose.

Come on now.

Originally Posted by Atlanta2 View Post
So it was Dana white that hopped in the ring and broke Brandon Vera's face, turned Matyushenko's head into a basketball, dominated Bader, and then ran over the top 5 fighters in the division like they were tissue paper. All Dana White's doing right? no Jones got to where he was because of Jones. The UFC allowed him to perform because they saw talent and realized it would be good for their financial well being to have young blood in the sport. He's delivered on his end of the bargain. If he wasn't what the UFC wanted he would have been cut or he would be fodder for another up and comer like Vera is.
Take away Jon Jones, and Dana White is still making money.

Take away the UFC, and Jon Jones does not have an international Nike endorsement. Simple as that. Jones owes his financial fortune to the UFC, because without them he wouldn't have the platform to show his MMA skills.

Originally Posted by Atlanta2 View Post
So rich people can't get ripped off? No it isn't enough. Jones is in the business of getting hit in the head, if he thinks he can earn a nickel more for his services he should get that nickel if the market agrees. And judging by the fact Dana didn't cut him, is the case that Zuffa is blowing a lot of smoke.
He has plenty of nickels, and many more of them to come.

You can cheer for a main event where the UFC has to shell out $50 million to get two signatures on a piece of paper for one fight. It's worked out great in boxing, after all.

I would rather see the top guys become multi-millionaires, the mid-tier guys earn a good living, and the journeymen make a living wage.

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