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Default Re: White to UFC 152 critics, boo-birds: 'Don't ever buy another UFC pay-per-view aga

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The most successful market for the UFC is the USA. Outside of the US (apart from Canada thanks to GSP - Brazil thanks to Wand, Nog, Vitor, Silva etc) the UFC has had luke warm success. Again primarily because the cards were seen as sub standard. The UFC needs more home grown stars and it needs them badly. With the aggressive nature of the business this is proving almost impossible. Over saturation is absolutely killing them. They'd be better off holding at least 4-5 less shows a year if they want to remain successful and ensure organisations like SF/PRIDE/WFA/WEC don't get scattered to the four winds as the UFC does its best to tear the complete asshole out of the market.
I have said before i think they should have a weekly tv show on free tv with more minor fights and then 6 majpr ppv's per year with stacked cards and at least one title fight.
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