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Default The "Whine About Mayweather/Pacquiao" Express!!!!!!

Do all your *****ing here.

Like the mighty "T.K.O. in 6" thread, this will serve as a garbage dump for all the excessive **** that overruns the forum. In this case, *****/Pac**** garbage instead of Lennox/Vitali garbage.

Threads created with no other constructive purpose but to whine about Pacquiao or Mayweather or why they aren't fighting each other will be merged into this one indiscriminately.

That doesn't mean any thread with their names mentioned in the title is at risk, as there are perfectly legitimate threads having to do with either boxer (or both, or even the eventuality of them ever meeting in the ring). We're all grown-ups here, however. We can all tell the difference between legitimate discourse and the childish bickering and flame wars that persist between the baser elements of both fan bases (and hater bases). Exercise judgment. If you think a thread might be interpreted as trolling and get merged into this repository, don't post it. Hint: if it's just a quote from Twitter or something with someone bashing/discrediting one or the other, or talking about them making excuses, or being afraid - it's going to wind up in my crosshairs.

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