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Default Re: White to UFC 152 critics, boo-birds: 'Don't ever buy another UFC pay-per-view aga

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
I don't now if the UFC has problems or not & I don't really know too much about Dana White, but what seems clear to me is there is a massive disconnect between the expectations of the kind of fans that go to UFC shows the development of the sport.

As the article alludes to, only a "slug fest" will satisfy. This is the UFC's biggest problem IMHO. It built its name and rep on muscle bound mutants dishing out brutal poundings and vicious KOs. In its early days This was possible due to MMA and the UFC being fledgling concepts both developing hand in hand but very much in the public eye. Developmental rules and many mismatches due to a lack of depth in ranks of complete MMA fighters at the time.

However this has all changed, the sport has developed into a very professional force to be reckoned with which has a large international mainstream audience and a fresh generation of professional athletes that take the sport and their careers very seriously. Fitter & more skilled technical fighters who train from early in their careers for only MMA, specialists in not one art but masters at putting it all together.

More fighters with better skills and conditioning equal better matchmaking which translates as more competitive & skilled fights. This is where the problem lies. What's ulitmately good for the sport long term is not nessasarily good for the alchohoal fueled morons that hoot and holler like re****ed children every time a camera comes their way. The morons who buy the tickets want overweight badly conditioned brawlers in huge mismatches where as the hardcore, fans and fighters want more fights like last nights flyweight battle. That's the gap that needs to be bridged, or maybe it doesn't. Stick with quality and steering the UFC and MMA down a moe skilled proffefiobal and you may lose done fans on the short term, but if they can't appetite a good Flyweight bout who needs em.

I know Dana has an ego bigger than Overreem's guns, but I'd be ****ed to under the current circumstances.
Problem is this is pretty much how UFC fans have always been. If you compare them to Asian fans there's really not much of a comparison. The UFC has purposefully catered for the beer swilling neanderthal casual fan. Remember the immortal "Just Bleed" fan? Dana did nothing to influence nor change the demographic appeal of 'his' fans. If anything he encouraged this with his own brash cad like behavior.
Its almost impossible to retrospectively fit or change that just because the UFC is now the last man standing, more prevalent - and thus under scrutiny, or expect a greater deal of professionalism from the fans when Dana is the exact antithesis of professionalism.
The fans boo'ed primarily because many casual fans don't want to see a flyweight bout as a co-main. Its hard enough to sell that in boxing much less in MMA. Likewise the casual grunt that watches the UFC is barely even smart enough to know the difference between a RnC and a Kimura.
As i said already this isn't PRIDE where the fans had a HUGE amount of adoration for the fighters and bouts in some cases resembled tennis matches because of the silence. Most of these casual fans hardly understand the ground game, the subtle nuances of MMA how its evolved or for that matter respect the fighters. Notice the boo's as Jones came out? The blame for that can only lay at Dana's door. He went from being the Golden Boy to a Pariah in just one rant from that megalomaniac.
The UFC is its own worst enemy with a guy like Dana at the helm. The fans are just a reflection of him. Now he wants to berate the fans with such a ridiculous statement because of a number of **** cards this year?
MMA has changed. The UFC has not. And neither will its fans. The UFC are solely to blame for that.
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