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Default Re: White to UFC 152 critics, boo-birds: 'Don't ever buy another UFC pay-per-view aga

Originally Posted by Thom View Post
He shouldn't have said it, and this yet another example of why he's an unprofessional buffoon who should be muzzled by the Fertittas. However, I agree with the sentiment. The boos in the crowd and the online reaction to the Flyweight title fight were ridiculous. That was an entertaining fight. On some of the MMA websites, people were acting like we saw a five round replay of Starnes/Quarry. I also don't get the hostility that MMA fans have for the smaller guys. Flyweight division in the unified rules is roughly equivalent to Featherweight in boxing. There are a long of Featherweights who are revered and considered to be warrior by boxing fans. I guess that it just comes down to the fact that most of the casual fans in North America are "just bleed" types.
This is where orgs like the WEC were invaluable in Western MMA. The West as you know is not Japan. Matter fact even going back into PRIDEs history the Org was built on bigger guys and originally only had a heavy division of which it added Middle and Welter later on. The UFC was the same. Only a few years ago they didn't have a Lightweight division. They've only decided to test the waters with the lower divisions because they're roster was thinning on known talent, they wanted to wind down the WEC, and in order to profit more from their cards it made more financial sense to add the lower weights.
BUT its still hard to sell a flyweight bout as a co-main. This is MMA not boxing. Boxing barely gets away with that. With the type of casual fans the UFC has that was never going to do down well. But the UFC is to solely to blame for the fickle nature of its fans. The Western fan base is just a totally different gravy. So this behavior is to be expected. Dana can't complain as his done nothing to change this and if anything has encouraged it.
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