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Default Re: White to UFC 152 critics, boo-birds: 'Don't ever buy another UFC pay-per-view aga

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
So, the guys created a monster devouring everything in its wake. I don't really know much about it all Scurla, but I'll take your word for it.

However, despite himself he may have had a rare moment of clarity with this introduction if a flyweight belt. It opens the UFC up to Asia that little bit more and hence a slightly more clued up fan & more exposure for the brand. Not to mention hoards and hoards of tough hungry little guys that have something to prove on a big international stage.

Due to the quality attirude of the fighters and the sports grassroots popularity the sport and his organisation may just develop in the right direction inspite of Mr White doing his best to sink it. Maybe the UFC is bigger than one mouthy oafish egomaniac.
I'm not sure it does. Asia historically has never cared much for the UFC product and the fan base is entirely different to the West.
If the UFC had been sensible they'd have honored their word and kept PRIDE which could have been the face of the UFC in Asia. But economically Zuffa complained it was a box of rocks (which in my opinion was bull**** as they should have done their due diligence), rather than scatter the Org and its fighters to the four winds.
The UFC has been through tough times before long before Dana was on the scene. But the problem is the UFC now represents the face of MMA practically the world over. Dana's had a good run. Its time for him to go now and put a more professional guy in charge.
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