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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

Originally Posted by greenboxer View Post
Two questions
What's you daily protein intake per kg? Right now I'm aiming at 1.2-1.5 grams of protein per kg

How many calories do you consume during 1 meal,What's to much and what's to little?
I eat 4 meals a day 400-600 calories with two snacks 100-300 calories. 2100-2600 calories daily .

I'm trying not to gain weight and trying to get familiar and build supporting muscle at a lower weight. I'm 5'11 180lb if I'm doing every thing right but I can hit 190 if I over eat and miss a couple days in the gym.
1. My current protein intake is about 3g/kg, its not neccessary to have it that high, but its my personal preference to have it like that.
2. Personal preference, some meals I smash 1.5k-2k down, some meals 1k, some only 300-400. Depends on what im doing that day, and what my schedule is like.
3. What? I dont exactly understand what your saying.
Edit: forgot to mention, I'd set protein intake to about 2g/kg which i think equals to about 1g/lb.
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