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Default Re: Antonio Cervantes 'Went in the Tank versus Wilfred Benetiz'

Flea Man,

Here is the 'understandable scenario' from Antionio Cervantes 'point-of-view'.

A) After defeating #1 WBA Light-Welterweight - Hector Thompson in November 1975
in Panama City, Antonio was left without a decent 'money' challenger.

B) There were 'no' big money fights out there, other than a bout with Roberto Duran.

C) Antonio despite 5' 9", was not physically big enough to move up in weight, and
challenge the 'top-flight' Welterweights, and he had no desire to do so.

D) At an advanced at age of 30 (though many have said he was closer to 35), Antonio
was getting worn down, despite 'two' impressive performances in 1975.

E) Age and injuries were beginning to take their their toll on his body.

F) His last '5' fights were located in Panama, Venezuela and Japan, so he could better
fight purses. His last bout in his native Colombia was back in July 1974.

G) WBA Welterweight Champion - Angel Espada (Puerto Rico) who was co-managed
by Gregorio Benetiz, and had no desire to leave Puerto Rico at the time in early-1976.
Antonio would have to go up in weight, and travel to Puerto Rico if he wanted that
bout, and without a large fight purse.

H) WBC Welterweight Champion - John H. Stracey was not leaving the United Kingdom,
and there was no big money floating around to get Antonio to come over for a challenge.

I) New WBC Light-Welterweight Champion - Saensak Muangsurin had no name recognition
outside of Thailand, and was locked-up with a Filipino promoter.

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