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Default Re: I think Stann is going to KO Bisping at 152

Originally Posted by Kittikasem View Post
I do find it offensive when someone accuses you of "hating" a fighter because you believe they might lose their next fight to a very dangerous fighter who is a bad style match-up for him. As in, offensively ****, the behaviour of a boring internet kid that it's not worth talking to. To say "you hate him" is like the calling-card of the moron on here IMO, it's just so laughably overdone, baseless, unjustifiable, infantile, tedious, cretinous, and so on.

I think Bisping is generally overrated because his record is good (numerically-speaking) but his resume is not (in terms of wins over high-level comp), but I have absolutely no ill feeling towards him whatsoever, and the fact that I even have to spend time explaining this is exactly the sort of insanely boring childish ****e I want to avoid, hence my initial reaction to put Wilhelm on the ignore.

"His best win he actually lost, all the guys he really beat are turds, and losing to Henderson is HUMILIATING!" No, you're right, it was totally nuts of me to think you were anything but fair and balanced. Your ****ysis of past fights is only surpassed by your ****ysis of future fights. Carry on.
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