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Default Re: Complete beginners guide to a boxing routine

Originally Posted by Collie View Post
I'm a beginning planning on starting this in the next week or so. Thanks for the OP, very thorough

Just some concerns: I know some people say not to jump into the heavy-bag and I'm concerned about balance/footwork. Is there any good drills to practice so that I'm not totally off balance starting off with the heavy bag? I don't want to get into bad habits. Would a sac ladder help with general footwork/speed? Also, would it be ill-advised to do too much on the heavy-bag without a trainer or supervisor to point out mistakes or give advice, or would work on the heavy-bag get me into bad habits defence-wise as it doesn't hit back?
Definitely start with a coach who will show you a proper stance before picking up a heavy bag routine. I'm 36 and every time I wrap my hands and shadow box getting warm for my heavy bag workout I can still hear my old trainer positioning me.

Heavy bag is the best way to get into bad habits, or fall into them if you go too far between actual training.
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