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Default Re: Manny Pacquiao is a More accurate Power puncher than Floyd Mayweather.

Originally Posted by gyll View Post
1.3% is nothing to write home about. I've taken ****s bigger and more valuable than this number. Relying on compubox isn't any more accurate than Lampley telling us Floyd is the most accurate puncher in recent days.

To say Pac's percentage would go up if he chose to attack with pot shots is a terrible logic. Pac cannot and will not ever fight this way. He thinks and attacks in a very different way from Mayweather.

There is nothing particularly difficult about Pac's style of fighting. He darts in and out, relying on his speed and power. He can be countered by a skillful counter puncher and Floyd is one of the best at it.

1.3% ain't huge, that why a called it an edge.

But I also made this thread, because there is a false view that Mayweather is some kind of sharp shooter who doesn't miss and Pacquiao is just a wild swinger who gets lucky every now and again.

Pacquiao accuracy is very underrated.
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