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Default Re: Manny Pacquiao is a More accurate Power puncher than Floyd Mayweather.

Originally Posted by oibighead View Post
The op has done his math based on the percentage of the percentages.

This does not take into account the amount of actual punches thrown and the discrepancies involved in that.

For instance Pacs power punch percentage in the Mosley fight is 50%. But that does not take into account the amount more thrown by Pac compared to mosley and the fact that he actually only landed 31% of his total punches compared to the 44% landed by Floyd against Mosley.

This is a trend that occurs in all the stats, but distorts the fact that when you look at actual punches landed, the percentages are always far more in favor of Mayweathers accuracy
Pacquiao does not use the jab as a scoring punch as Mayweather does, he uses it to blind, feint, open the guard, and to set up his combos.

The punch is doing it's job and most of the time the job is not even landing.
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