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Default Re: why did Belfort go down there at the end?

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your forgetting that GnP has EVOLVED leaps and bounds since the OLD DAYs of Coleman, Kerr, Fedor etc. As well who is it that you feel has SUPERIOUR GnP skills to Jon Jones? Take a guy like Brock Lesner, his GnP is pretty good all things considered BUT how good is he at IMPOSING it upon the TOP tier guys? Carwin? Cain ? Reem ? No i didnt say that Brocks GnP was GREAT, i use him as a point. If ONE cant IMPOSE there GnP on another then their GnP is not that GOOD correct ? Can and does Jon Jones have TROUBLE imposing his GnP on his opponents ? When he goes down does he have TROUBLE remaining in CONTROL on the GROUND while pounding ? The answer is NOT as much as most if not all of the other top tier guys correct ? One could argue that CAINs GnP is top notch however, there again, it didnt help him against JDS who was just too fast for Cain. Jones is also fast however, rather than JDS's style he does so with great striking AND great GnP skills of his own. That makes his GnP even better.
So if the gnp has evolved leaps and bounds why does joens not mix it up and throw with more variety. To be the very best you have tyo have variety as well as impose yourself on the fighter on the bottom.
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