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Default Re: why did Belfort go down there at the end?

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Wow. Fights in last year and a half: Rua, Rampage, Machida, Evans, Belfort (should have been Henderson) Stopped 4 of the 5. No variety? Not enough quality? Care to name a fighter than has had a better run than that?

And I didn't say he was the best GNP fighter of all time as it is just one tool in his toolbox. I stated he has the most efficient and effective GNP as he can land it from the very first bell against top named opponents and they can't do **** to stop it whereas some other, more ferocious GNPers in the past would/could only use it when finishing an already hurt or tired opponent. Look, I don't think it's the best in terms of exciting to watch as it is not wild and all out brutality but I think it is the best in terms of he can use it against everyone at any time in a fight and he doesn't gas himself out and he doesn't miss. It is a more refined version than the GNP of old and I don't see a way around it for the guys that have to fight him.
So the bit where you say you think jones has the best gnp in mma history doesn't exist despite it being in writing on the first page
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