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Default Re: why did Belfort go down there at the end?

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
Mate, he has now won five UFC title fights. The same as Chuck, one behind Tito. He's almost halfway to Anderson Silva's defences, FFS.

Does he need to win 10 or 15 title fights?

There it is.

Im not saying he is not a great fighter but to be the very best and show all his attributes against the best variety of fighters it will take another couple of years.

The point about watching the sport longer is alot of the time you have a good argument and make good points but you don't see some of the wins in the context they are at the time. An example is the run shogun went on to win the middleweight gp, he went through jackson (at his best), nogeuira, overeem and then arona. At the time to win 4 fights on the run against the guys and there form at the time was amazing (belfort didn't even make it out of the first round of the tournament and this is 7 years ago). Jones has some great wins but he hasn't had a run as good as this, its maybe not even his fault because he is that good but until he gets another few its hard to put his streak up as the very best imo.
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