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Default Re: White to UFC 152 critics, boo-birds: 'Don't ever buy another UFC pay-per-view aga

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
What is there to apologize for? I agree with him, that was a good fight and shouldn't have been booed.

Maybe you should apologize to me, for butting in and trying to stir **** where there is no conflict.


Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass
The UFC is in a lose-lose situation with the posters here.

Replying to...

Originally Posted by Thom Yeah, that's exactly what was going on last night. Jumping and prancing with no actual fighting. No significant strikes were thrown or landed whatsoever.

Wich was a reply for...

Originally Posted by macp1
we like hockey fights and bench clearing brawls, not so much the little guys jumping around like sprites and fairies. But I will say, at least here in Southern Ontario, UFC is so much bigger than boxing. An example, the bar i went to watch the ***y / Jr. fight had maybe 15 Mexicans, a few South Americans, and maybe 5 white guys, so maybe 25-30 people. Last night's UFC, at the same bar, was standing room only filled with around 300 people.

UFC can't expect, after years of cramming down the violent nature of the sport, to suddenly expect the fans that came because of the brutality, to suddenly appreciate a technical, scientific type match.

So maybe my english is at fault here...but you replied to Thom, I think your post was more adressed to Macp1.

But if you are agreeing with Thom...then my mistake.
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