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Default Re: White to UFC 152 critics, boo-birds: 'Don't ever buy another UFC pay-per-view aga

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Replying to...

Wich was a reply for...

So maybe my english is at fault here...but you replied to Thom, I think your post was more adressed to Macp1.
Thom was being sarcastic when he complained that there was no action, which he showed by posting pics of a guy with a face full of bruises.

I agreed with him, and added a more general complaint. My complaint was that, in this situation where an uninformed crowd boos a good fight simply because the fighters are too small to really hurt each other, the UFC is in a lose-lose situation with many posters here.

The UFC is often criticized for supposedly encouraging a meathead "Just Bleed" type atmosphere around its events. Frequently you hear complaints about the uneducated UFC fans, as compared to the more respectful and knowledgeable Japanese fans.

But when the UFC President bluntly tells the public that it's a sport, not a Roman Colosseum spectacle, and fans should appreciate the skill and dedication on display even without knockouts and blood, that's wrong too.

Uninformed morons boo a good fight purely due to size of participants = UFC fails.

UFC President tells said morons to go and **** themselves = UFC fails.


What is your native language, by the way?

Originally Posted by Ne5ville14 View Post
But if you are agreeing with Thom...then my mistake.

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