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Default Re: Antonio Cervantes 'Went in the Tank versus Wilfred Benetiz'

I dont care what klompton said. I dont buy that Benitez couldnt make weight or that Cervantes threw the fight.

Exactly, Benitez was a kid at the time. I wrestled in High School at the same age as Benitez was here and I can tell you its a heck of a lot easier to take of 5 or 10 pounds at that age than it is in your late twenties. I knew kids who routinely cut weigh from the 120s to wrestle at 103.

Besides, the fights you mention were fought at catch weights, meaning Benitez could come in at what was comfortable to him. They were designed as such.

When he had to make weight he could. Three and a half years later with only a couple of weeks training he weighed 144 against Leonard.

How can anyone even take Pepe seriously after hes been caught fabricating his stories several times now?

If you are going to continue to post all of these conspiracy theories show us some cold hard facts or just admit its all supposition on your part, not that you have to since you continually get proven out before long.
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