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Default Re: Manny Pacquiao is a More accurate Power puncher than Floyd Mayweather.

Why is compubox inaccurate? I've never seen or heard it discussed in a logical manner.

Appealing to the majority (Fuh Fuh Floyd is awesome cuz people say so) is stupid, in my opinion.

It seems valid to say Mayweather is the more accurate puncher overall with better defense while Pacquiao lands a slightly higher percentage of harder shots (only somebody who is a **** will argue that a jab is equivalent to a hook or cross) that probably hurt more due to Pacquiao having more power.

I'll go ahead and say it: if TKOs and KOs are considered victory then the difficulty and hardness of a shot has to be considered in the formulation of points scored. In another context, Floyd manipulating his opponents by leading them and dodging them (IE ring generalship) should also score regardless of hits per punch or total volume landed. If you have a simple calculation of overall hits landed then you'd have to award Pacquiao the undisputed victory over Marquez last year.

Boxing in ancient Greece consisted of two people fighting to the death or quit. In a more humane century the sport has to consider the multiplicity of inputs into scoring that come with a modern appreciation of the sport.
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