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Default Re: Light welterweight Ville Piispanen - The new European Union champion

Piispanen is done.

His training is what it is, he is simply going to cash out on this Daws fight.

I hope he will cash out again and finish his career by providing a Finnish Welterweight challenge for Jussi Koivula.

This is the ideal way to work it. Piispanen will get some cash and Koivula will get the EBU rankings.

You know I´m right.

The only problem in this scenario is, that if Piispanen ends up losing big time to Daws, while looking like ****, he won´t keep his EBU rating and Koivula would not benefit that much from beating him.

Hopefully Piispanen loses via points or puts up a good struggle in Britain, so that he can still be fed to his team-mates as a good scalp.

However, I doubt P3 has the guts to do a strong and clever move like this, for some unexplainable reason they always seem to find some guy from Argentina or Hungary that nobody gives a damn about.

Oh, and saying you must keep guys up instead of eliminating each other - is NOT a good argument. Because there are at least 5-6 decent Finnish light welter/welter guys, and it´s VERY OBVIOUS they can´t be all taken forward on their careers. So please, eliminate some of them against each other. That would mean ACTION. Fighting bums twice a year doesn´t.

Koivula - Piispanen OR Koivula - Joensuu
Myllylä - Putkonen
Tatli - Eronen
Rosberg - Katajisto

Eemeli Katajisto could step up by fighting Sami Selesmaa (if you can´t beat him, you will never be anything)


And yes, I know Eronen is ****. But their fight could provide Edis with decent tune-up opponent for some bigger fight, while Eronen could fight a boxer instead of trying to knock out some Romanian pizza service man. These fights would be damn lot better than any of them against some unknown Mexican glass-jawed security worker.

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