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Default Re: why did Belfort go down there at the end?

Originally Posted by dillinja View Post
So the bit where you say you think jones has the best gnp in mma history doesn't exist despite it being in writing on the first page
You are obviously quite stupid. Read that last one again. I said I never said he was the best 'GNP FIGHTER' of all time. The best GNP fighter of all time was probably Coleman or Kerr as that was 90% of their game. Jones GNP is one tiny part of his game but it is unstoppable and plays a factor in every single one of his wins. And read the first page again. I qualified my opinion by saying it was the most effective and efficient but not the most excitingly vicious. Then a few people started saying it's not as exciting as others when I had already stated that. So, you know, you are a re**** or something.
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