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Default Re: why did Belfort go down there at the end?

Originally Posted by EL BULLY View Post
You are obviously quite stupid. Read that last one again. I said I never said he was the best 'GNP FIGHTER' of all time. The best GNP fighter of all time was probably Coleman or Kerr as that was 90% of their game. Jones GNP is one tiny part of his game but it is unstoppable and plays a factor in every single one of his wins. And read the first page again. I qualified my opinion by saying it was the most effective and efficient but not the most excitingly vicious. Then a few people started saying it's not as exciting as others when I had already stated that. So, you know, you are a re**** or something.
You can't even read your own quote, 'i think he truly has the best gnp n mma history' so **** right off. You come with your pathetic insults so grow the **** up you pathetic little child.
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