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Default Re: How to you endure a strangulation choke hold ?

Originally Posted by Matt Ldn View Post
firstly, I didn't think we were talking about some BJJ killer trying to take you out more just someone getting you round the neck. Furthermore, have you ever had a ******* grabbed and twisted. That is not a pain any mortal can hope to withstand, it has an effect on your body way beyond that of regular pain.

Also if someone puts their finger through your eyeball or starts pulling your eyeball out you are letting the **** go of their neck. But please lets not get serious about a White Tiger thread.
You won't be able to grab a ******* when someone has RNC on you, if they know what they are doing they will have full back control. If you so much as do something OTHER than defend the choke and reach back to find an eye you'll be sleeping before you ever find it. Not to mention if you're looking for my eye, I'll close my eyes and rotate my head and squeeze the choke tighter.

You clearly have no idea how difficult it would be to pop an eye within 5 seconds with a choke around your neck. You sound like a purist boxing fan who's never even had a good RNC put on him but still thinks that they can get away from any BJJ move by doing some cheap ****.

But please lets not get serious about a White Tiger thread.
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