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Default Re: Antonio Cervantes 'Went in the Tank versus Wilfred Benetiz'

Originally Posted by Senor Pepe' View Post
The Wanderer,

Sir Lord can criticize, but he does not post 'one fact', just criticisms. Pretty pathetic, don't you think.

As of September 12, 1975

On Wilfred Benetiz' 17th birthday.

Wilfred was 23-0-0 (19 KO's), and not ranked anywhere in the WBA Rankings.

Fact, Wilfred had been fighting in the Welterweight Divsion (over 140 lbs.) for his
last 17 bouts.

The last time Wilfred made 140 lbs., was in his '6th professional bout', way back
on April 1, 1974 (18 months previously).

During his span of '23' wins, he did not face one ranked fighter, and not one
'fringe contender'.

And his last '4-bouts' were all scheduled 8-Rounders, fought at 147 lbs., at locations
in Puerto Rico and St. Maarten.

How do I know this...............I worked for the World Boxing Association.
...and now you can go back to making it up as you go along.

Here are some actual facts, not made up ones:

Cervantes took what he considered a gimme against a 17 year old fighter who had never fought a ranked Junior Welterweight as a stay busy fight, he came in over confident and unprepared for a guy who was a phenom even at that age and was outboxed.

That sounds a lot more like what happened than "Cervantes chose Benitez so he could lose to him and retire, and was robbed by the judges, and Benitez didnt even make weight.

At least choose one excuse and stick to it.

If you really want to believe that Benitez fighting at a comfort weight while he was still essentially a novice and not hunting for any particular belt means something nefarious then so be it but I would expect someone who "worked for the WBA..." to know better.

Then again, given some of the WBA's choices, then as now, maybe it shouldnt surprise me.
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