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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by RockyJim View Post
You'd have to kill Marciano in order to beat him....the pounding at the hands of Walcott...the nose being split open to the bone against Charles in the second fight...his will to win...his determination...and...The Rock was mentally tough...Ali got into Liston's head in 1964...and as champion...Liston QUIT while sitting on his stool...Marciano out-guts Sonny and wins this...not an easy fight...Marciano prevails...
Ali was also 6'3, 200+ pounds, FAST, AGILE, and used Psychological Warfare against Sonny.

Rocky is a different fighter than Ali. Rocky comes to you and can be hit. And he doesn't try to get inside your head with words before and during the fight like Ali did.

The fighter that can avoid your attacks and hit you in return, is more troubling to the mind. That's why I like to bring up that Tyson video explaining why he was so devastating Psychologically in his prime.


You also have to factor in the possibility that Sonny just wasn't as hungry anymore when he faced Ali.

On a side note, I was watching an Amateur video of Sonny the other day and it's amazing the length of this guy's arms were


Sonny was quite the "Boxer" and not just some brawler either.

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