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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by Hookie View Post
Why? How?

Marciano was only down twice. A perfect left hook from Walcott... Marciano broke him down and stopped him in the 13th. He stopped him in the 1st in their rematch. Moore dropped him as well... he dropped Moore 5 times and stopped him in the 9th. He never lost, therefore he was never stopped. Walcott and Moore punched harder then Ali and Martin.

On the other hand... Liston got his jaw broke by Marty Marshall and lost by decision. He was down and out vs. Ali (rematch) and Martin. He was also stopped by Ali in their first fight. Yeah, yeah, Ali didn't have liston out but he did drop him clean despite what many people say.

Marciano went 6-0 (5) vs. Hall of Famers Louis, Walcott x2, Charles x2, and Moore. Liston beat 1 Hall of Famer... Patterson x2.

Marciano never fought anyone like Liston. He was never hit by anyone like Liston.

Don't be fooled by Ali's knockdown of Liston. It wasn't real. Yeah, there was a punch, but it was not a punch that would have decked Sonny Liston.
Cleveland Williams could hit like a bull. Liston took his stuff without blinking. He damn sure wasn't going to be knocked down by the punch Ali threw.

I don't know who would have won this fight. I think it could go either way.
I tend to think Liston would win it. Marciano took too many punches to land one of his own. He couldn't fight Liston this way and win.
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