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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by MRBILL View Post
Hate to break the hearts of the Marciano nut-huggers, but Liston was very big compared to Marciano and had the skills and power to break Marciano down... Liston of 1959 to 1962 is all wrong for 1951, '52 or '53 Marciano via a time machine....

Had Marciano hung on after 1956, Liston would've prolly KO'd Marciano for real by 1958....

A bad match for Marciano...

Liston could take a punch but he fought a lot of frozen fighters who were already psyched out. I noticed in fights of his that often a punch would register and cause pause for thought. ali and whitehurst for example bothered sonny at times with single shots. patterson was a good puncher but he never got the chance to hit Liston. williams stung Liston but did not hit as hard as marciano according to kenne simmons who fought both.

Marciano was horrible to fight and more experienced than Liston. Sonny would be a hard opponent for Marciano too but it works both ways if both are prime. Once they both start swapping punches I think Marciano would win the exchanges, he was harder to hit with consecutive punches and also had a better chin.
marciano was over 190 when he turned pro but came down to be as fit as he could, he still bumped up to 192 as late as 1951. He was killing himself to be as light as he could. Liston was 198lb and raw boned in his first year as a pro then grew another 12 or so pounds. The point I am making is both started out within pounds of each other. one decided to train to develop more power, the other decide to train to develop more stamina.
Both were 1950s fighters beating on simular sized men.Marciano successful with disadvantages in size against better opponents and Liston was successful with advantages in size against lesser opponents. would you say the smaller guy who beats better fighters is a certainty to lose to the bigger guy who beats up lesser guys smaller than he, not all of whom came to fight?
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