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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by Theron View Post
Marciano just dosen't have the style to beat Liston i'd say they both have great chins but Listons was better. Liston was a great boxer/puncher Rocky was just a puncher,

-When Rocky came in close and got passed Listons ATG jab he would get uppercuts and get Liston leaning his heavier weight advantage on him.
-I don't know who hit harder, but Rocky would be taking the bigger shots, remember althought Liston was 6'1 and a half he had an 84'' inch reach to Rocky's 67'' inch reach.
-I really cannot see anyway for rocky to win,
-Can't jab him
-Can't outbox him
-Both were great punchers
-Rocky had shorter reach height and lower weight
Definatley would be a great match to watch though because Rocky wouldn't give up and keep coming in. But that would be the same thing that would get him beat
Rocky was not unbeatable, you just had to be as tough as he was, control the distance and second guess his move. Liston was not that guy. Sure sonny had a killer jab, shortened the hook and was devastating against a sitting duck but marciano was there to work off you and not do what you were ready for.
Liiston was always about putting the hurt on. He was not going to change. sonny's not going the strategic route, playing it safe. he knocks a guys head up with a jab and heís coming in with the right on instinct. A tough seasoned guy (like rocky was in his championship years) would be ready to give and take. marciano and top champions donít take it full force on the way in.

rocky fought off the other mans leads, he would want jabs to come at him, always ready. Marciano had no rhythm but that made him deadly because there was no pattern to follow. You moved in to reach him then he hit you. Liston would come in but struggle to find room inside then get hit back. A lot.
bombs would be coming both ways, something Liston was not used to.
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