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Default Re: How to you endure a strangulation choke hold ?

Heres another question,

Lets say - you get into a fight - and this is a personal something that happened to me in my teens - I was drunk and there was a bit of trouble and I walked away from the situation but was brought down from behind and pinned down and choked out.

Now this incident - this guy had me down - but I dont think this guy was any skilled combat fighter - he just got me down.

Now - he got the better of me in this incident - before it got broken up.

But up on my feet - I done boxing trainign for years - not got any grappling skills or anyhting - but what you reckon the chances of me getting him up on my feet were ?

I always felt I had a good chance of beating him up on my feet. but he probaly felt he was superior to me because of how it went.

What I am saying is - in a fight - can a inferior combat fighter beat a superior one - just from a choke hold ?
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