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Default Re: The "Whine About Mayweather" Express!!!!!!

Now compare the Marquez vs Pacquiao unofficial scorecards to the Bradley vs Pacquiao unofficial scorecards.

Danny Flexen, Boxing News: 115-113 Bradley
Cameron Sharpe, Boxing Fancast: 115-115 Draw
Chris Manix, Sports Illustrated: 115-113 Pacquiao
Lem Satterfield, Ring Magazine: 115-113 Pacquiao
Gordon Marino, The Wall Street Journal: 115-113 Pacquiao
Armando Alvarez, Telemundo: 115-113 Pacquiao
Jake Donovan, ***********.com: 115-113 Pacquiao
Terry Dooley, ***********.com: 115-113 Pacquiao
Jordan Capobianco, 116-112 Pacquiao
Franklin McNeil, Newark Star-Ledger: 116-112 Pacquiao
Brett Okamoto, ESPN: 116-112 Pacquiao
Steve Bunce, 116-112 Pacquiao
Juan Manuel Marquez: 116-112 Pacquiao
Max Kellerman, HBO: 116-112 Pacquiao
Andreas Hale, 116-112 Pacquiao
Brian Arman Graham, Sports Illustrated: 116-112 Pacquiao
George Willis, The New York Post: 116-112 Pacquiao
Rick Reeno, ***********.com: 116-112 Pacquiao
Robert Morales, Los Angeles Daily News: 116-112 Pacquiao
Ben Thompson, 116-112 Pacquiao
Tim Smith, New York Daily News: 116-112 Pacquiao
Suge Green, On the Grind Boxing Radio: 116-112 Pacquiao
Steve Zemach, The Queensbury 116-112 Pacquiao
Michael Nelson, 116-112 Pacquiao
Tom Gray, 116-112 Pacquiao
Joel Sebastionelli, LIITR Box Radio: 116-112 Pacquiao 116-112 Pacquiao
********************: 116-112 Pacquiao
Ricky Hatton: 116-112 Pacquiao
Wayne McCullough: 116-112 Pacquiao
Ken Hissner, 116-112 Pacquiao
Alexander Belenky, 116-112 Pacquiao
Rob Day, ***************: 117-112 Pacquiao
Ryan Burton, ***********.com: 117-112 Pacquiao
Matt Youmans, Las Vegas Review-Journal: 117-111 Pacquiao
Graham Houston, 117-111 Pacquiao
Stephen Edwards, 117-111 Pacquiao
Kieran Mulvaney, ESPN: 117-111 Pacquiao
Tim Dahlberg, Associated Press: 117-111 Pacquiao
Ron Borges, Boston Herald: 117-111 Pacquiao
Cliff Rold, ***********.com: 117-111 Pacquiao
Chris Robinson, ***********.com: 117-111 Pacquiao
Steve Carp, Las Vegas Review-Journal: 117-111 Pacquiao
Ronnie Shields, boxing trainer: 117-111 Pacquiao
David Mayo, The Grand Rapids Press: 117-111 Pacquiao
Robert Little, 117-111 Pacquiao
Jorge Hernandez, The Low 117-111 Pacquiao
David Greisman, ***********.com: 117-111 Pacquiao
Benny Henderson, 117-111 Pacquiao
Ryan Phillips, 117-111 Pacquiao
Graham Parker, The Guardian (UK): 117-111 Pacquiao
Ed Graney, Las Vegas Review-Journal: 117-111 Pacquiao
Luis Sandoval, ***********.com: 117-111 Pacquiao
Jonathan Sakti, Comcast Sports Net Bay Area: 117-111 Pacquiao
Richie Tomasini, Comcast Sports Net Bay Area: 117-111 Pacquiao
Tim Starks, The Queensbury Rules: 117-111 Pacquiao
Champ Ross, 117-111 Pacquiao
Lance Pugmire, Los Angeles Times: 117-111 Pacquiao
Darren Velasco, 117-111 Pacquiao
Ryan Maquinana, Comcast Sports Net Bay Area: 117-111 Pacquiao
George Diaz, The Orlando Sentinel: 117-111 Pacquiao
Steve Kim, 117-111 Pacquiao
Doug Fischer, Ring Magazine: 117-111 Pacquiao 117-111 Pacquiao
Luke Thomas, 117-111 Pacquiao
Scott Christ, 117-111 Pacquiao
Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports: 117-111 Pacquiao
Tommy Gunn, *****************: 117-111 Pacquiao
Charles Farrell, No Holds Barred Radio Show: 117-111 Pacquiao
Gareth Davies, London Telegraph: 117-111 Pacquiao
John Perretti, No Holds Barred Radio Show: 117-111 Pacquiao
John Raspanti, 117-111 Pacquiao
Ron Lewis, Primetime/BBC: 117-111 Pacquiao
Brent Brookhouse, 117-111 Pacquiao
Jake Emen, 117-111 Pacquiao
Alexey Sukachev, 117-111 Pacquiao
Kevin Mitchell, The Guardian (UK): 118-112 Pacquiao
Steve Lillis, BoxNation: 118-111 Pacquiao
Nick Xouris, 118-111 Pacquiao
Brett Newton, 118-110 Pacquiao
Joseph Herron, 118-110 Pacquiao
Mark Lyons, 118-110 Pacquiao
Danny "Swift" Garcia: 118-110 Pacquiao
Mike Koppinger, Ring Magazine: 118-110 Pacquiao
Gabriel Montoya, 118-110 Pacquiao
Ryan Songalia, Ring Magazine: 118-110 Pacquiao
Robert Ecksel, 118-110 Pacquiao
Pete O'Brien, USA Today: 118-110 Pacquiao
John McCormick, 118-110 Pacquiao
Victor Contreras, The Sacramento Bee: 118-110 Pacquiao
Eric Raskin, HBO/ 118-110 Pacquiao
Chuck Giampa, Showtime: 118-110 Pacquiao
John Russell, boxing trainer (Buster Douglas trainer): 118-110 Pacquiao
Rich Marotta, KFI Los Angeles: 118-110 Pacquiao
Jeff Mayweather: 118-110 Pacquiao
Ace Freeman, 118-110 Pacquiao
Kelsey McCarson, 118-110 Pacquiao
Mario Cabrera, The Boxing Republic: 118-110 Pacquiao
Ramon Aranda, 118-110 Pacquiao
Colin Seymour, 118-110 Pacquiao
Nigel Collins, 118-110 Pacquiao
Paddy Cronan, On the Grind Boxing Radio: 118-110 Pacquiao
Denzil Stone, 118-110 Pacquiao
Phil Jay, ***************.net: 118-110 Pacquiao
Geoffrey Ciani, 118-110 Pacquiao
Michael Rosenthal, Ring Magazine: 118-110 Pacquiao
Eugeny Pilipenko, 118-110 Pacquiao
Vadim Zhuk, 118-110 Pacquiao
Ken Pollitt, ************.com: 118-110 Pacquiao
Ted Sares, 119-111 Pacquiao
Allen Barra, The Atlantic: 119-110 Pacquiao
Barry Tompkins, Showtime: 119-110 Pacquiao
Vittorio Tafur, The San Francisco Chronicle: 119-109 Pacquiao
Ray Markarian, 119-109 Pacquiao
Harold Lederman, HBO: 119-109 Pacquiao
Dan Rafael, ESPN: 119-109 Pacquiao
Max Parker, 119-109 Pacquiao
Scott Sawitz, Fox Sports/Inside Fights: 119-109 Pacquiao
Leroy Cleveland, 119-109 Pacquiao
Michael Woods, ESPN: 119-109 Pacquiao
Michael Marley, 119-109 Pacquiao
Skip Bayless, ESPN: 119-109 Pacquiao
Among the experts above, 120 scored the bout for Pacquiao, 1 scored the bout a draw, and 1 scored the bout for Bradley.
None of the scores for Pacquiao was offered by Philippine media.
The draw score and the score for Bradley were not provided by American media.

Now surely you can see how one is a clear robbery and the other a closely contested fight that could have gone either way.
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