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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by bladerunner View Post
Marciano had a tendency to get wild and leave himself open.. this could be disastrous against a huge puncher like Sonny that could make Marciano darely for such mistakes. Marciano will be walking straight towards a man who is bigger, stronger, taller and thus having a leverage advantage on the inside. Liston had huge reach and a sledgehammer jab that could make things most difficult for Marciano when trying to work his way inside.
Liston is also facing someone who hits back. Marciano is not walking in wide open. Rocky was only wild finishing off a hurt, defenceless opponent otherwise rocky was awkward to hit and crab like. he lured people in. At close range I think Marciano has the edge. Liston becomes frustrated and finds his leverage and room to unload has been neutralised considerably.

Originally Posted by bladerunner View Post
Rocky had huge stamina and a heart to match. He wouldn't be easy to hit, although i think the notion that he would wade straight under Listons straight punches without incurring any damage is ridiculous. This would be a slugfest, who would win? Im so unsure im not going to vote. .
This would be a close range slugfest. Liston was great at hurting people from long range with his lead blows and sweeping uppercuts but all those guys stood squarer in a more upright stance. Many were psyched out and already frozen with fear. Marciano was side on, almost crab like. Lead blows grazed him. Rocky fought better technicians with faster hands and slicker moves and nobody nailed him easily on the way in. Nobody landed without getting hit back either.

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
Rocky is a great talent pound for pound. Probably better than Liston in that regard.
However I don't see him out jabbing Liston so he has to get inside and once there can he really be expected to successfully trade punches with a man 20 pounds heavier? I say no.
Rocky was 1 inch shorter, Liston was not up on his toes looking to keep anyone at bay. Sonny was a hunter, he came straight in and got going. I think Rocky meets Liston up close, climbs on him, frustrates sonny by outworking and smothering him inside.
Marciano doesn’t need to out jab Liston to beat him. He just needs to be better and more ready to fight than all the guys who bothered sonny - and he was!

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
I'm not sure Liston stops Rocky, but I can't see Rocky winning enough rounds.
In a finish fight I think Rocky's resolve would pay off and see him victorious but given a limit of 15 rounds I have to favour Sonny.
This is quite a fair assessment but I think Liston wont be able to do what he wants to do against awkward Rocky. Liston was strong over 12 he never did do the 15 rounds though, frustration and experience would be a factor here. If Liston has doubts when the going gets tough Marciano will exploit it. You can be sure of that. Any fight with Marciano and the going will get tough.
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