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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

Watched the Belfort-Ortiz "Super Saturday" main event and found it interesting while making my rd summaries.

Rd 1- I guess you could give it to either fighter. Great grappling vs striking rd. Ortiz held much more dominate positions but Belfort was still firing back off the cage with knees and stunned him with his blistering handspeed a time or two. Maybe not enough to give him the rd so I go with Ortiz though oddly I preferred how Belfort fought more despite that. Gotta leave bias to the side when judging.

Ortiz rd 10-9 scoring I presume? Okay, Ortiz 10-9

Rd 2- Belfort reversing Ortiz' grappling attempts and does a nice sprawl. Rains down elbows and fists while Ortiz looks for a more comfortable spot. Gets and armbar attempt but Belfort breaks out fast to go on to get back to his punches from the top position. Another submission(guillotine) fails for Ortiz as he is still at the bad end of momentum. Both men look tired after being told to stand up. Ortiz ends the rd on top but clearly lost that rd

Belfort 10-9

Rd 3 - Ortiz starts the rd with a kick that look good but not sure if it landed. Belfort looks to counter a takedown attempt by Ortiz but gets taken down while Ortiz maintains a dominate position from the top. Hated when wrestlers only wanted to take you down in UFC 2009 game BTW. Ortiz establishing his patented GnP while Belfort looks like he can't find a way out. Ortiz shifts him towards the cage to limit the chance of him escaping while Belfort of course tries to do the opposite. They're told to stand up and Ortiz goes for a double leg takedown but only succeeds in pressing him against the cage. Soon he uses the momentum to "bounce off" the cage to turn belfor around and drop him facing the center of the octagon. He rains down elbows and punches to finish the rd.

Ortiz 10-9

Winner: Ortiz 29-28

Close fight it depends on if you like dominate grappling or damaging punches in the 1st rd. Good fight. Soon I hope to break down a Pride fight within the end of this year but those will be really short summaries if I chose to do so.
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