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Default Re: Antonio Cervantes 'Went in the Tank versus Wilfred Benetiz'

Wrong again,,,,,,,,,,,,Sir Lord,,

In the first week of January 1976, Teddy Brenner of Madison Square Garden and Gregorio Benitez
(who represented Wilfred) signed a contract to fight New York Welterweight -Harold Weston Jr. on
February 6, 1976 - in a 10-Round Welterweight bout.

At that point in time, the Antonio Cervantes vs Wilfred Benitez was 'not' on the drawing board yet.

Antonio Cervantes, who had just defeated #1 WBA Challenger - Hector Thompson on November 15, 1975
- had 'no plans' to fight anyone other than Roberto Duran for May/June 1976.

Antonio Cervantes (Fight Purse's for 1975)
May 17, 1975..............vs. #1 WBC - Esteban DeJesus.....................$80,000........@ Gimnasio Nuevo, Panama
September 20,, 1975....vs. #10 WBA - Kiyoshi 'Battlehawk' Kazama......$25,000........@ Nuevo Circo, Caracas, Venezuela
November 15, 1975......vs. #1 WBA - Hector Thompson.....................$75,000.......@ Gimnasio Nuevo, Panama

In later-January 1976 - a 'deal' was cut by Gregorio Benitez and TV Sports Championship, to 'basically' 'buy and borrow'
the WBA Light-Welterweight Championship from Champion - Antonio Cervantes and his Manager - Ramiro Machado.

When Antonio 'Kid Pambele' Cervantes was offered $200,000 by Gregorio Benitez and TV Sports Promoters go to
Puerto Rico in March 1976 to face Wilfred Bentiez, it was for more money in 'one-fight' than he had received
in all '3-bouts' in 1975.

Once the 'deal was inked', Wilfred was 'pulled out' from his scheduled Febraury 6, 1976 bout with Welterweight
Harold Weston Jr. set for Madison Square Garden.

The 17 1/2 year-old - Wilfred Benitez 25-0-0 (20 KO's) was 'not ranked' by the WBA as a Light-Welterweight, and
'Papa' Benitez had to 'pay-off' the WBA officicials to - A) Get his son ranked in the Top 10 of the 140 lb. division, and
B) Pay the WBA a higher 'sanctioning fee' than normal.

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