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Default Re: Would This Guy Have Disrupted The Klitschkos Dominance?

Originally Posted by D4thincarnation View Post
LOL Sam Peter, big muscular.

Ike was far less experienced, and Lewis was a great fighter.

If Tua would have landed just one of his bombs on Lewis or Wlad for that matter it would have been all over.

How do you think Wlad would beat him?
Actually Tua did land a couple of nice shots on Lewis and Lewis didnt flinch.

The point is that great fighters like Wlad,Lennox etc DONT GET HIT!

Theres a reason the Wlad hasnt been beaten in almost a decade!

Plenty of the guys he fought could hit hard,but they werent landing anything of note.

I think Wlasd keeps him at bay all night with the same things he keeps everyone else at bay with. Hammering jab and thumnderous straight right and then step it up maybe inn the 9th round. THE SAME THING HE DOES EVERYTIME!

David Haye was a big puncher.
Sultan Ibragimov could hit hard.
Samuel Peter was a murderous puncher and he couldnt stop Wlad, after knocking him 3 times and got brutally taken apart in the second fight.

Jameel Mcline was a big puncher.

These guys could all hit hard. Hitting hard and landing are 2 entirely different things.

Its also easy to be busy and active when you're not having killer 1-2s landed on your face all night.
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