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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by bladerunner View Post
Marciano had a tendency to get wild and leave himself open.. this could be disastrous against a huge puncher like Sonny that could make Marciano darely for such mistakes. Marciano will be walking straight towards a man who is bigger, stronger, taller and thus having a leverage advantage on the inside. Liston had huge reach and a sledgehammer jab that could make things most difficult for Marciano when trying to work his way inside.

Rocky had huge stamina and a heart to match. He wouldn't be easy to hit, although i think the notion that he would wade straight under Listons straight punches without incurring any damage is ridiculous. This would be a slugfest, who would win? Im so unsure im not going to vote.
While he did have this tendency to seem wild and he was certainly open it was not reckless in the way you make it seem. In fact, I take some issue with it because Marciano was really only caught and dropped by cutey type punches. Moore's was more of a counter to his aggression, but it was a punch not even in Liston's ****nal, let alone his skill drawer. Marciano was criticized quit often as being wild and inaccurate during his heyday by the critics. It's fair, but Marciano was far more calculated in his approach than what appears on the surface. Marciano broke you down and grinded you down. He didn't just start guns blazing. At the same time, his defense when he's swarming Moore with countless consecutive punchers is marvelous. Marciano was offensive-minded, but even when Moore tried catching him in between the windmills, Marciano slipped his shots.

Liston wasn't really much of a counter-puncher anyway. In fact, it's probably when of his lesser qualities on paper. Probably because he was a bit too ponderous and long-armed.
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